Hiragana  ひらがな

If you want to practice hiragana here are some sites for you to try.


  1. http://okochama.jp/youtien/                                                                                                      Look for theon the right hand bar and you can practice Japanese ひらがな or   カタカナ.

Fig A. Click on the letter あ at the top right hand corner to open the next screen (Fig. B)

Fig. B Click on the ひらがな screen on the left side and it will open into the next screen (Fig C.)

Fig. C. At the middle of the screen there is an alphabet chart click on any character you wish to learn and it will tell you the its name along with the correct stroke order. In the line box on the right use the mouse to write the character yourself.

2.  http://yurudara.up.seesaa.net/image/11aiu.swf                                                                        

Click on a character and use the pencil to practice the ひらがな

Fig. A The hand in this screen is the cursor use it to choose a character and click to take you to the next screen (Fig. A)

Fig. B The pencil in this screen is the mouse use it to copy the letter and then click on the arrow to return to the previous screen.